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Pros & Cons of 3 Common WordPress Theme Approaches

Posted byuserConnecticut.Marketing on March 3rd, 2020.

Use Case A client has an existing website built with Elementor and website managers are having issues managing content. They want to rebuild the website with a different WordPress theme that is easier to manage. In particular, they want to make blog post categories more effective as topical landing pages for digital marketing.  Question What […]



Advice for Connecticut Businesses Using WordPress to Avoid Getting Hacked

Posted byuserConnecticut.Marketing on June 29th, 2016.

Do You Know Where Your Hackers Came From? The troubling statistic is the most people do not know how the hackers have entered through their site. According to a WordPress survey, 1,032 respondents took the survey, but 61.5% did not know how the hacker gained access to their website. But, many of these people also […]