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How to Save Money on Domain Names

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When you’ve got a business that you want to create a website for, the very first place that every business must start is registering the name of the website with a registrar service. However, not all domain registrars are created the same. Many offer a variety services to go along with domain registration, such as hosting, email, or design. There are also varying levels of customer service that each registrar offers and depending on how autonomous or how much support you will need this may be an important factor in your decision. But the real question is how much does it cost to register the domain? We’ve highlighted a few of the more popular domain registration sites and their initial prices as well as renewal prices to compare the true cost to own over time.
Domain Registration and Renewal fees:

Registrars .com Domain Registration Fee Domain Renewal Fee $5.00 $37.79 $11.99 Same as Registration
Google Domains $12.00 Same as Registration $5.00 $38.00

Generally speaking, many of these registrars offer the same or similar services, and so it comes down to the price. Many people have made the mistake of looking for the cheapest price to register a domain under the assumption that the cost will remain static as long as they hold onto the website. This is a misnomer that has cost businesses quite a lot over the years. In deciding which registrar to use it is vitally important to look ahead at renewal rates and other factors. Just because it is cheaper to register a site does not necessarily mean that it will be cheaper to maintain ownership of that site and if something goes wrong having a reliable support team to turn to is important. Often the lower it is to register the more the renewal fees will be. As you can see from our sample, the cheapest sites will save you money initially but by the time you reach year two you have already spent more than you would if you began with a slightly more expensive registrar. It’s important to think about the future when planning your website build, hosting, and registration. After all, it’s going to be the online face of your business for years to come.

Saving on Premium Domains

Premium domains are on a different playing field. Many registrars have a list of premium domains that are highly sought after and, as a result, tend to cost more. How much more depends on the site and the registrar. Some premium domains cost slightly more than it would to register and renew any other domain name, as low as $26.99 for a sight such as to register and renew each year. There are other domains that carry much more weight in the online world and can go for much higher sums. To stick with our info example, costs $499.99 to register and renew while costs $5,299.00 to register but then only $14 to renew each year. The cost of a premium domain can be relatively high but that’s not to say they’re never worth it. You’re often paying for a brand name or incorporating keywords into your domain name when you purchase a premium domain. These assets can be instrumental in raising awareness of your brand and increasing traffic to your website.

And don’t forget great hosting!
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