Where Google Is Not The Authority



Ryan Turner

Ryan is co-owner of 3PRIME, LLC and lives in New Haven, CT with his Wife Amy and 3 children.


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Where Google Is Not The Authority

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How Google’s evolution in local listing management led to complications in business data.

Google Not the Authority on Business Information

When Google Places launched and replaced Local Business Center, this seemed like a great convenience.

When Google+ pages replaced Places seemed like an upgrade, enabling assignment of managers and other conveniences, this seemed like a critical step forward.

Google remained ostensibly the center of gravity for local search. This has become a clear misconception we are adjusting for.

Due to the ease of creation and verification of legitimate business listings in Google Places and Google+ business pages, we have found that duplicates and issues of listing “ownership” are now a critical issue in need of attention. It effects rankings, it can cost a business leads and potential customers and in most cases it takes significant effort to clean up the mess.

3 things have become clear and

  1. First address underlying data from the 4 core providers
  2. Next ensure that critical online business listings are consistent and accurate.
  3. Then, take advantage of tools that enable you to actually Do Marketing with these assets!

We can guide and manage a business to ensure this is done with a minimum of time and expense. Yeah, you need to do this, but finally you have a way to do it right.

  1. Own and Understand your own business listings
  2. Improve your local search rankings
  3. Market to customers using these listings effectively

Ryan Turner


Ryan is co-owner of 3PRIME, LLC and lives in New Haven, CT with his Wife Amy and 3 children.

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